Adrián Lorca — CHORD’s CEO

Adrián has an extensive career in creative direction for artists and has worked with some of the most famous latin artists such Aitana, Morad, Fuego, Rojuu or Sen Senra. Two years ago he founded Shoddy, a film production and label company that led him to work as a manager with record labels such Sony and Universal for quite a few project in the music industry. With all his background he is our best chance to link CHORD to the real music industry.
He has also been involved in fashion and urban culture projects and founded the online magazine “Le Petit Archive” that connects him with brands and influencers.

CHORD needs to be lead by someone who has lived in music. Adrián is super motivated, has contacts, knows the industry inside out… and with the help of Wave Cryptolabs we are sure great things will happen. Adri’s tasks will include:
a) Execute the last roadmap we shared (arrange multi-chain, collectibles sales, and so on);
b) VCs fundraising alongside Wave Cryptolabs founders;
c) Bring CHORD back to its roots: MUSIC.

This is Adri’s first statement regarding CHORD and the music industry:

“CHORD is going to be the first platform to launch copyrighted musical NFTs inside the Spanish-speaking market. Unlike any other NFT market, artists in CHORD will be able to share their earnings from royalties with their supporters and offer their fans unique experiences just for being a token holder. This new way of looking at music will allow musicians self finance their careers and fans becoming direct investors in the talent they believe in. Fans will not only back artists financially, but will also be able to access exclusive content, backstage invites, virtual concerts, meet ups and plenty other amazing things only open to those who own these artist NFTs. Owners will receive royalties from the success of the artists and of course trade these copyrighted NFTs on a secondary market. Imagine being able to invest in a song of a musician you have recently discovered and you are sure he’s gonna make it. And of course, we will continue pushing our initial audio and video NFT marketplace so that artists can create unique musical pieces in the blockchain for fans to collect, share and trade.”

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