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AMA with CHORD’s Adrián Lorca

Now with CHORD being part of Wave Cryptolabs and Adrián Lorca as captain in charge we already see some good progress happening! We couldn’t ask for a better time to conduct an AMA with our great community on Telegram and the new CEO . Check out the summary of the AMA below:

Let’s Welcome Adrián Lorca! Our new CEO and the person who will take CHORD to another level along with Waves Cryptolabs!

Adrián Lorca
Hi everybody! Adrian here, first of all I would like to do a short intro about the state of the project at the moment. The reason why Chord has counted with me to lead the project is because of my connections with artists and the facility I can have to make them understand the utility of NFTs within the music space. Now the route for Chord is totally different and we are focusing on: refreshing its identity, looking for investors to create the new royalty system and doing a big marketing campaign with an artist to share the royals of a song released with us. This is our main focus and the one we think fandom will take better. We also want to give a whole new perspective to NFTs giving them all type of benits for fans just for holding them. We need to educate people and artists to make them comprehend all the advantages and freedom NFTs can offer to the industry.”

Question 1
Can you provide an updated roadmap with dates and deadlines?
Adrián Lorca
The new roadmap will be updated with the new website which will be released by the end of the week.

Question 2
What does your team look like and how do Vocals, Drums, Harp and Keyboard still fit in?
Adrián Lorca
We have 3 Managers 6 Software developers & DLT experts and 2 Designers. Vocals, Drums and Harp are the cofounders of the project but they are business people and will stay as advisors.

Question 3
A lot of updates were promised in v1.1 and v2 of the marketplace? Who will take over those updates and when?
Adrián Lorca
Ok this is very important guys, we have been analyzing the market for several months and we took the decision to focus on the royalties system, we want to democratize the investment on artists and give people the opportunity to share benefits of royalties. We will keep working on developing features for our marketplace but the most important feature will be royalties as well as getting closer connections with artist using the connections I have within the Latin music industry. The first royalties campaign is aimed for end of Q1 2022. We have seen the first cases in the US just a few weeks ago and this is where the industry is going, we have a huge opportunity focusing on the Spanish market and that’s where we will put all our effort.

Question 4
How does Wave Cryptolabs fit into all this ? What is your role exactly?
Adrián Lorca
Wave Cryptolabs are the owners and they have important projects within the blockchain ecosystem. I’m the CEO and my main responsibility is bring this project to the place it deserves and thanks to my experience in the music industry and the help of Wave Cryptolabs we will achieve it.

Question 5
When will Chord start attracting more artists and is there a plan for that?
Adrián Lorca
When ready, the web 2.0 is ready to present it with a fresher face. We can start meeting managers, labels and distribution companies.

Question 6
Marketing sounds great but we’ve seen before that this never really worked out since you don’t have any meaningful artists. What is your opinion on this?Adrián Lorca
I totally understand the question and we know what failed about attracting artists, the NFT market has been very hyped for a long time but they need to mean something, and that’s what we are bringing to the new vision of chord. With the new royalties system, artists will no longer need a big company record that funds them with demanding restrictions, they will be able to be funded by their own fans, we’ve seen the first cases a few weeks ago in the US and the Latin market has the same necessity. We are covering a real necessity and not trying to create one, and this will be the trigger that will make chord grow exponentially.

Question 7
A while ago there was a poll on which chain Chord should continue. Cardano won. Are there internal discussions with regards to adding another chain?”
Adrián Lorca
The goal is making chord token multichain and we will develop a bridge between Chord on ETH and BSC aiming for Q1/Q2 2022.

I hope everything has been answered. I’m here for any further questions you might have!

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