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CHORD Protocol is now part of Wave Cryptolabs

CHORD is a decentralized network for musicians where anyone can turn their songs and performances or any kind of music into unique NFTs and freely commercialize them without intermediaries. At the same time, music fans all over the world can enjoy and invest in authenticated music clips and creations while helping tokenize the music industry. CHORD is the first truly decentralized global ecosystem connecting musicians, fans & industry players.

CHORD already has its own live marketplace where you can discover and gather unique musical NFTs and create your own musical library. Music fans will have access to hundreds of exclusive clips and original songs which they can either collect, trade, show off or keep for themselves to enjoy.

How does Wave Cryptolabs fit in ?

Wave Cryptolabs plays an important role in this amazing digital transformation we all experience today. With an active role in the global decentralization, the people behind Wave Cryptolabs help us embrace an unleashed web 3.0 with a huge focus on execution and technology by people for other people. Wave Cryptolabs is a hub of proprietary blockchain-based products, services and experiences — in tech since 2012 and decentralized since 2017. Projects like Doxxed, Blind, MissToken, WLT and now CHORD are all part of the Wave Cryptolabs umbrella. Wave Cryptolabs has partnered with big names of which Geodb, ODIN, LEVO Capital, PadeInvest, Nextchance Invest, Crowdcube and others.

Wave Cryptolabs will help CHORD in all areas of the business and function as an advisory board. They will support the project and the new CEO (Adrián Lorca) with fundraising efforts, recommendations , promotions, conducting oversight , re-energize the organization and leverage their business connections to take Chord to the next level.
With Wave Cryptolabs and Adrián Lorca in charge, and a focus on building out synergies between the different projects in the group, CHORD is heading towards very exciting times.

Adrián Lorca — The new CEO of CHORD

Wave Cryptolabs has decided to hire a CEO to lead this new path that CHORD is taking. His name is Adrián Lorca, and he’s exactly what this project needs. Adrián has an extensive career in creative direction for artists and has worked with some of the most famous latin artists such Aitana, Morad, Fuego, Rojuu or Sen Senra. Two years ago he founded Shoddy, a film production and label company that led him to work as a manager with record labels such Sony and Universal for quite a few projects in the music industry. With all his background he is our best chance to link CHORD to the real music industry.

More on Adrián Lorca and the vision he has for CHORD in our next medium article.

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