We are beyond excited to announce Chord’s first drop ever!! We’ve teamed up with a famous Colombian Reggaeton artist, known by his stage name Lalo Ebratt.

We found all the necessary qualities on Lalo to take the first steps into the future of blockchain music. Lalo is an artist who sees this as an opportunity to create even more innovation and progress in the genre he so much loves, Reggaeton.

Lalo Ebratt: “ I’m thankful and very hyped to be taking these first steps into blockchain music and also share all the success with my fans.”

His aesthetics and flow make him look like someone from another galaxy and for the first time ever fans will be able to own part of Lalo’s music by investing in his first NFT release through Chord’s NFT Royalties Campaign for both the Spanish and Latin American market!

Adrian Lorca (CEO Chord): “I’m super thrilled to work with Lalo and be the pioneers of the movement in LATAM and Spain, NFT Royalties are the future of music. It’s all about shifting power to artists and democratizing ownership. This is a huge opportunity and Chord is ready!”

This NFT Royalties Campaign will consist of a song and an NFT collection with different rarities that hold the right to earn a % of the song royalties streams! The advantages behind this technology are massive and can be applied to the music industry in many ways!

In this case, Lalo can fund and make a song he truly likes with the help of his fans, who trust him and love his music. This way fans are also included in the equation, meaning that if the artist wins so do the fans!

Get ready for Lalo’s drop and stay tuned for more details from Chord coming soon!

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